In memory of all those people who were led away and never seen again, dead and gone, without a grave, whose lives are but a faded memory in our minds.

To those nameless, naked bodies along the roads, the distinct features may have faded but the memory remains.

To all those who saw a nameless person get murdered by a nameless soldier, the random senseless killings of thousands, this work is in your memory as well. Let this be a reminder that we cannot allow this to happen on our continent any longer.

To all the young men and women who killed the innocent, we hope you one day go from being hated to forgiven, and may be loved again. You need to belong to Liberia again; you belong here. Your grief, fear and trauma needs to be healed. Your childhood and humanity were lost too.

To all who struggle with having been accomplices to murder, whether actively by identifying people to be killed or passively standing by in an unconscious act of self-preservation while others were murdered, this work is for you. Forgiveness is available to you.

To all the families in Ghana, Nigeria, Gambia, Senegal, Guinea and so many others who lost sons in Liberia. This is for you. Those who fled and spent years in refugee camps, to those children born in refugee camps and have never known their home country, this is yours as well.

To those who lost the prime of their lives; in friendships, relationships and property. To the second generation, who are born in foreign lands, who always hear of how sweet Liberia was and are in constant wonder as why we are here, if Liberia was so great. This is for you.

To those Liberians spending their golden years in a foreign land, yearning to go back to a place that no longer exists, a country that once was and is desperately trying to be, once again. We remember your sacrifice.


To those involved in the rebuilding of our once sweet country. Keep hope alive. We are standing with you. Your work will not go unnoticed.