Thank you for taking the time to visit I began writing my story simply because I didn’t want it to fade from my memory. People often ask me, “How long did it take you to write?” This is a hard question to answer. The thought of writing a book about my experiences came to me while the war in Liberia was still going on and while it was still uncertain if I would live through it.

I actually began the outline for the book in Le Havre, France in the fall of 2006. I didn’t begin writing until October 2008 in Denver, Colorado. I didn’t own a TV for almost three years as I wrote. I committed to writing at least a paragraph every day for those three years. The first draft was completed in 2012.

It also took me a long time to write because I am not skilled at typing and it takes me awhile to express myself through writing. I also took many breaks because some parts of the story were incredibly painful to relive. All in all, it has been nothing short of a prayerful devotion to tell a great story of forgiveness and redemption through Christ. I hope you enjoy reading it. Browse the website and contact me if you would like me to come to a city or town near you.